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Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali, Ride start 650k

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali is a Bali Beach ATV adventure done at sunset. Experience riding an ATV under the golden sunset. This is the only ATV with a beach track in Bali.

Located in the village of Tegal Mengkeb Tabanan which is located out of the tourist area such as Kuta, Canggu and Tanah Lot. Our ATV sunset track is very special and unique with natural and amazing tracks such as rice fields, villages, corn parks, forests, plantations. Then down to the coast with black sand beaches in the countryside.

In this Sunset ATV Quad Bike Bali, you will ride an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) through expanses of black sand, unique rock formations and caves inhabited by bats.

Apart from that, the ATV route will also pass through stunning villages, forests and rice fields on the coast. There are many exciting obstacles waiting for you along the adventure path.

Location of Bali Beach Sunset atv Quad Bike

This Sunset ATV adventure will take place on one of the coasts in Tabanan Regency, Bali. This beach offers unique black sand and an atmosphere away from the crowds.

The route to play this ATV is quite long. To complete it, approximately you will need about 2 hours from the start point to the finish point.

Along the adventure route, you will be accompanied by experienced guides. In addition, you will also get security facilities in the form of a helmet.

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali, Ride start 650k

Riding an ATV Quad Bike on the expanse of black sand and the sunrise

The beach area is of course always synonymous with its stretch of sand. Well, the same goes for the ATV track, where you will find a wide expanse of black sand. This stretch of sand will be your track when riding an ATV. Besides the beautiful and amazing sunset light.

Of course, riding an ATV on a sand track is different from ATV tracks in general which tend to be muddy and steep. This route is very suitable for beginners. The vastness of the beach area will make it easier for you to drive.

You just need to be careful of people doing activities on the beach, such as fishermen mending nets and also children playing. This is very fun and is recommended to try for those who just want to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the beach in a different way.

Ride ATV past rivers, rock formations and unique sunsets

When crossing a stretch of black sand exposed to the rays of the setting sun, you will also pass a small river that flows from land to sea. This is certainly very exciting to go through, especially when crossing water flows

At several points on the beach, you will see unique rock formations that are formed naturally from the process of water erosion. It will definitely be a stunning backdrop for your photo shoot.

Passing the Holy Hindu Temple on the Beach

On this coastal route we will visit a temple or holy place which is often used as a place of worship for local Hindus. If you happen to be adventurous on certain days, you can also see Hindus performing religious rituals on the beach.

They usually carry out religious rituals wearing traditional Balinese clothing and also facilities that are full of philosophical values. If you happen to pass it, you can slow down a little and drive more slowly so as not to disturb people who are carrying out religious rituals.

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali, Ride start 650k

Exploring Small Forests, Rice Fields and Beautiful Villages

After passing through a stretch of black sand, you will also pass through small forests, rice fields and beautiful villages on this coast. On this adventure route there is a track flanked by typical coastal trees which appear to form a small forest.

This track is quite tense with adrenaline ups and downs. Apart from that, there are also views of rice fields that captivate the eye. This rice field belongs to local people who work as farmers.

In this rice field, you can see farmers taking care of the rice fields. Usually they work from early morning. The tools used are still relatively simple, such as sickles and hoes.

If you go on an adventure before the harvest season, of course you can see expanses of green rice fields that are really pleasing to the eye.

Meanwhile, when you arrive at the village route, you will be able to meet friendly local residents and see their daily lives around the village.

During the 2 hour journey, you are guaranteed to get lots of exciting and memorable experiences that you can get here.

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali Price

Single ATVIDR. 650.000/ person
Tandem ATVIDR. 950.000/ 2 persons

Whats Included on Bali Beach ATV

  • Private Return Hotel Transfer with Air-Conditioned ( if you select with hotel transfers )
  • Welcome Drink on arrival
  • Mineral water during the trip
  • Professional Bali Beach ATV Ride Instructor
  • Well Maintain Bikes and Safety equipment
  • Use of Towels and Shower Facilities
  • Changing Room and Toilet facilities
  • Boot Shoes
  • Buffet Lunch

Minimum Age To Join Sunset ATV Beach Bali

The age range to be able to join this ATV Adventure is from 7 years to 65 years. For children under 10 years old, they can ride with adults.

To be able to self-drive, a minimum age of 10 – 12 years and over (depending on experience). If in case you feel inexperienced, you can still join here. Because, the type of vehicle used here is very suitable for beginners.

Before starting the Bali ATV adventure on this beach, the guides will explain to you about basic driving knowledge. They will also give you training or the opportunity to try first.

How to ride an ATV is more or less similar to a motorcycle. Where you only need to focus on operating the gas (accelerator) and using the brakes.

Sunset atv Quad Bike Bali, Ride start 650k

Things to Prepare Before Join Sunset Bali Beach ATV Adventure

Before joining an ATV adventure on the beach in Bali, you can prepare the following things for a more comfortable and enjoyable adventure.

Comfortable Clothing

Wear clothes that are easy to move around like t-shirts and shorts. So you can ride comfortably throughout the adventure.


Playing ATV on the beach will require you to be in direct contact with sun exposure. So, you should use sunscreen cream to protect your skin during adventures.


Sunlight can certainly dazzle your eyes when driving. Moreover, if you drive during the day, of course, this will be a little annoying. Therefore, it is certainly better to bring sunglasses so that the view remains comfortable while driving

Shoes or Sandals

For footwear, you can use shoes or sandals. It is recommended to choose a model that is comfortable for use on the move.

Extra clothes

After driving through various exciting tracks, of course it will make you dirty. You can clean up after the adventure. However, don’t forget to prepare replacement clothes so you can return home comfortably.

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