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Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride is an ATV Ride package that gives you the opportunity to do double activities in one day tour. It’s an amazing activity with an atv ride in beautiful countryside nature then sitting on the back of the biggest animal in the world for 20 minutes.

The experience of riding ATVs in Ubud will lead you to conquer challenges in tracks, forests, mud, villages, valleys and plantations. With a certified ATV guide who will ensure your safety during an ATV adventure.

Then try to explore the outdoors at the Bali Zoo park by riding the biggest animal in the world, namely an elephant. Opportunity to ride on the back of an elephant and tour the beautiful area of Bali’s animal park.

This to do on Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

Here are the activities that will be carried out during the 8 hour tour starting with thrilling adventures to fun activities. Here they are;

1. Jungle Bali ATV Ride 9km

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

Pick up from hotel at 8am depending on your hotel location. Then head for the ATV Ride location on the north side of the Ubud Bali tourist area. The location is about 30 minutes to the Kintamani area. This is the best ATV ride location in Bali.

With a track length of almost 9km exploring plantations, valleys, bamboo forests, then climbing the hills. After that, head to a remote village until you reach the top of the green hills. Take a few minutes to restore any energy that was drained during the middle of the trip.

After a few minutes break, the adventure returns to the starting point by crossing the uphill and muddy road. Get this exciting experience with an experienced ATV guide who will make sure everything goes safe and fun.

When finished, please clean yourself by taking a shower in the bath that we provide, complete with soap and bath towels. Enjoy your lunch before visiting the second largest zoo in Bali. It’s called Bali Zoo!

2. Elephant Safari Ride at Bali Zoo

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

Even though there are several places where you can ride elephants in Bali, we have prepared them at the Bali Zoo. Because this is not just an elephant ride only. However, after riding the elephant for 20 minutes, you can still spend your time walking around the zoo area which has an area of around 14 hectares.

Bali Zoo protects many endangered animals that you can find, ranging from various types of birds, orangutans, white tigers, lions, ostriches, and many others. So this place is a suitable place to choose from in the Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Tour packages.

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride Itinerary

  • 07.00 am : Pick up from hotel according your hotel location
  • 08:00 – 10:00 am : Join Jungle ATV Ubud
  • 10:00 – 11:00 am : Lunch at ATV Camp
  • 13:00 pm : Elephant Safari at Bali Zoo
  • 13.40 pm : Explore Zoo, Exotic bird show at Kampung Sumatra stage
  • 16:20 pm : Return to  hotel

Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride Price

  • Single Ride: Prices start from USD 125/person
  • Tandem Ride: Prices start from USD 240/ 2 persons
  • Minimum order 2 people

What you need to bring?

  • Sunscreen or sunscreen.
  • Sneaker/ Sports Shoes.
  • Sock.
  • Trousers/trousers/shorts
  • Insect repellent.
  • A change of clothes.(2 pairs)
  • Swimwear or shorts.
  • Rubber sandals or bare feet.
  • Extra cash for photos or souvenirs.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 2 people traveling together.
  • Single Traveler extra 50%.
  • Payment can be paid on departure with USD/IDR Cash or Other Currency.
  • Payment by Visa/Master Card with an additional 3% fee.
  • Net Price includes Government tax.
  • Cancellation on Departure will be subject to 100% Fee.
  • Prices are reasonable and fair and that means no hidden costs
  • For Group bookings, get special offers.

How to Make Reservation for Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

FOR LAST MINUTE Booking, please send your request via WhatsApp : +62 81236194398.

Please send us email on please make sure your email and phone still active for easy us reply or send confirmation booking.

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