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Welcome to Bali ATV Ride Adventure – Best and Cheap ATV Quad Bike Adventure in Bali

Bali ATV Ride Tour is the best and unique day adventure in Ubud Bali, located in a remote area far from the center of the crowd, about 25 minutes from the Ubud tourism center. With natural and amazing tracks such as rice fields, villages, valleys, forests, plantations. Then down to the river with a hidden waterfall in the middle of the Ubud jungle.

Bali ATV Ride presents unique adventures at affordable prices and tracks that are unique, challenging and will make your day. We have several tracks to choose from at your request. Among them are tracks for beginner, semi-adventure and adventure tracks. Reliable with ATV Tracks 1 hour to 2 Hours in the rural nature of Ubud.

Besides that, our experienced ATV Ride instructors will carry out a complete safety briefing before driving through the tracks that we have. We have a private track away from the center of the crowd. Beautiful rice fields, valleys, jungle, mud, tunnels and waterfalls. Then it’s a challenge to climb down a high hill and conquer the inclines.

Our Quad Bike (ATV) is semi-automatic, of course, safe and easy to operate. Joining Bali ATV Ride no previous riding experience is required. Just follow our instructions, our guide will always ensure safety during the ATV tour in Bali.

We invite you to tackle the most technical terrain across seemingly impossible slopes, downhill, then use the full power of the bike to climb back up the hill. The inner side of Bali by exploring the hidden beauty of the island in a different way.


At Bali ATV Ride, you can choose the ATV route that can be adjusted to the participants’ courage and interests. You can choose a jungle with a 9km long track, a track with waterfalls and tunnel. We also have an ATV track on the beach. Here are the details for each track we have;


At Bali ATV Ride, you can choose an ATV package that can be adjusted to the courage and age of the participants. You can choose a more impressive single atv without having to think about the passengers. Then the tandem ATV is suitable for children and couples who want to be together. Below are the ATV packages that you can take;

Bali ATV Single Ride

Single ATV is an ATV ride with 1 atv quad bike for 1 person – that many adventurers like, because here you can drive an ATV without having to think about the passengers behind you. Which means you ride the ATV alone. One ATV with 1 rider, no passengers.

Bali ATV Tandem Ride

ATV Tandem is mean 1 ATV Quad Bike for 2 persons. These are usually taken by families who bring children. Because children are only passengers who sit in the back. So they are safe during their Bali ATV adventures. They can swap their seat positions during the adventure.

Our ATV Track

Best ATV Package

  • Bali ATV Ride and Ayung Rafting
  • Bali ATV Ride and Telaga Waja Rafting
  • Bali ATV Ride and Monkey Forest Tour
  • Bali ATV Ride and Breakfast with Orangutans
  • Bali ATV Ride and Mount Batur Trekking
  • Bali ATV Ride and Elephant Safari Ride

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